Three Produced the Ten Thousand Things (Part III)

Oct 24 2010

Let us three hold hands and dance.

The Tao Te Ching states, “one produced two, two produced three, three produced all numbers”. Ten thousand is 104.

Three came to my life with Canada. The expansiveness, symbolized by the three dimensions of space, was evident in Canada. A diary entry reflects the rediscovery of the world, a renaissance:

There were noodles, sushi, salad, turkey, juice, and more. There were spicy, sour, and sweet foods. The food was delicious, and I made some friends and learned about them.

Yet another entry detailing new discoveries in the world of science:

He showed me a shape memorizing metal, an electric fan, and a racecar. He twisted the wire spelling “ICE”, standing for the Institute of Chemical Engineering, into hot water, it instantly returned to its original shape. He showed me a solar panel linked to a triangular water transistor linked to a propeller. He was trying to fix the racecar for the kids.

The world was not flat any more, and it was obviously bigger than I had imagined. The world as I knew it changed. I was forced to throw away the old myths. No need to make everything perfect to obtain Total Transformation. After all, it is left behind, I leave it behind, when I leave.

No such thing, actually. There is no escaping the demon.

Not long after I arrive in Canada, an echo is heard from the other side of the Grand Canyon. Karma. Human err. It catches up, and I find myself reading the book without looking for it. It somehow stood out among the other books on the shelf. Was I trying to find the source of the bug that stopped the world? Without a doubt, I was still running from it, to free myself from the imperfection which always troubled me.

Within the constructs of the book, the world operated as a system. If certain techniques were followed and patterns were observed, then the performance variables could be adjusted.

At this point, I decided all of the answers to all of the questions I had could be found in books. The first problem I solved was the human imperfection. Next, I tackled the paranormal, unexplained phenomenon. That lead to another question, “Had everything in the universe already happended?”. Of course, the code on the sapphire stone was the ultimate answer to that last question anyone should ask, Z.

But if I just asked that question, was able to ask that question, then why am I still here? That was the first question, A, the question of a purpose behind the universe, myself, that starts the search for meaning.

Books Read:

  1. The Godfather
  2. Canadian Indian Golf Resort Story
  3. The Logic of Failure
  4. Yes/No Guide
  5. Elements of the Extraordinary Series
  6. The Bible Code
  7. Edgar Cayce on the Millennium
  8. The Mammoth Book of Prophecy
  9. First Book on Habits
  10. From Atlantis to the Sphinx
  11. The Dragon Book (Map of Bones)
  12. 101 Zen Koans
  13. The Golden Book (Godel, Escher, Bach)

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