Game Over: Sabayon?

May 15 2011

Time to update Sabayon, after installing the wireless driver with a wired connection, about a week ago. Following the routine, entering several commands, letting them finish in a couple of hours. It’s been about 8 months since I last updated. Mostly because of the lack of a wired connection. I expected everything to go as expected, except it got stuck at

equo install entropy sulfur equo  --relaxed

which means the package manager is broken. As the console suggested, “you’re in deep shit”. Normally, on any Linux system, if the package manager is done, the system cannot be repaired. If it happens in the middle of an upgrade, then those half upgraded libraries breaks the system. By circular cause and effect, a broken package manager is stuck in a loop.
However, Sabayon is redundant (hint). Entropy does the same thing as Portage. My plan at this point was to run

emerge entropy sulfur equo

and continue with the upgrade…


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