Setting Up Sabayon Linux Part II

Aug 03 2009

If you want to make your system rock solid it’s a long process, but you have to do it sooner or later.

  1. This step is optional if you know how to edit USE flags.
  2. add glibc-omitfp and nptonly to your USE flages in /etc/make.conf.                              
  3. if your are keen and want to save 90% of the space taken up by localization settings and some compile time, edit the locales. nano -w /etc/locale.gen
  4. delete unnecessary languages
  5. emerge glibc
  6. still staying very basic,  add -malign-double to your CFLAGS, and test it by emerging dillo.

Type dillo at the console and press enter.

Tryout the powersave or “standby” in windows.

If you still have time, you might like stable transparencies.


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