An Attempt to Cut the Knot (Part II)

Oct 21 2010

At that time, I had a friend named Frank. I talked with him often on the phone. We had many of the same classes. I liked to discuss other stars looming in my mind. We shared many constellations this way.

He watched everyone loves Raymond often and told me about the Matrix trilogy, “It makes you think”.

In my waking life, I remembered a note about swallowing a demon.

I worked my way back into normal life. Occasionally, I still set special days on which I would perform the work of Transformation to free myself from the Primary Error that caused the Crash. But they never arrived. The sun shined through the window, announcing a new day. I rose, but I could not shine. No light could penetrate the depths of the underworld, where the cartoon caricatures in the world of the day was given animation. I gave up. A toony world was better than facing failure confronting the demon.

I started typing out vocabulary lists for my English class on my computer. My Indian friend, Navin, printed them out for me. It was a win-win situation for both of us. I managed to score 100% on the  vocabulary analogy section. My English teacher thought I was a genius.

Another interesting case from the period was a study guide I made from a list of questions titled, “A free copy with each purchase”. That’s a paradoxical statement. On the one hand, it could mean it comes free. On the other hand, it could mean 2 copies for a certain price, intended for distribution. I favor the second interpretation. The purpose was to get more copies out so more people would want to buy it.

One day, I slept in a little hut in the playground. Then I heard a dog barking, and the police shined a light through the window. I got up, and the police hand-cuffed me. It was a really tight lock with my arms bent back. They led me across the street, shined the light in my eyes a few times and asked some questions. Afterwards, they put me in a police car and drove me home.

In light of that event, I decided there were no laws for me. I told the story at school. The guy who sat next to me was shocked.  Thus, the knot was cut. I was no longer bound to society.

At this time, Yu-Gi-Oh was being played on TV with the Three Musketeers of Doom. The character I identified with the most out of the three was Raphael. He provided an understanding of the negative and positive aspects of the higher plane. Two is about duality, and it is fitting to discover an identification with this character during this period.

Books read:

  1. Gone With the Wind
  2. Artemis Fowl
  3. A virtual reality fantasy
  4. Fermat’s Last Theorem
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events: the Vile Village

Next episode: a surprising turn

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