The Revelation (Part 1.5)

Sep 30 2010

In the beginning there was darkness. It was the middle of the night. He’s deep asleep. Off in that other realm, where beliefs make things real. In the dream, I let things happen. The experience was seemingly concrete, yet I made no choice. Gradually, as if a movie was being played among the stars, the plot turned sour. I watched in shock as each event passed, helpless in my desire to help. An unnamed horror (which actually happened later in the day after I woke).

Then I had a hundred thoughts at once.

At that instant, I wake up in the dream. I realize what horrors had just happened. It all happened in a single moment. At that moment, the entire reality of the dream emerged. All of the factors came together, weaving a single thread. Time stopped, as if the dream happened in the blink of an eye and never was.

At once, I loved and dreaded the dream. The fate behind the dream was revealed as life itself, in my awakened reality.

The dream turns into a nightmare. Out of nowhere, an I emerges. At the same time I wake, I finally choose to abort the simulation. The I that emerged had no relation to a single event in the dream, and it was quickly forgotten.

When I wake up, I remember the horror and question whether it’s real. What was real about the dream? I created it, though it had a destructive nature.

The series of events have more turns before we arrive here, though this is where the horrors were most vivid.

In the spring of that year, I got distracted with life. Life itself, on the lowest level where happiness was abundant. Spring break came, and I got a clean break from my previous state of mind through a change of environment. I hanged a map of the local town behind my head, so I had more pleasant explorations in my dreams.

Meanwhile, in real life, where I just woke from the dream, I cannot sleep. The phone rings. I wonder why. Useless! Meaningless! Was I still in a dream? Nobody would even hear a phone ring while they were asleep. I return to pondering the dream.

Next episode: two lefts don’t make a right

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