SearchJump Search Engines Highlights

Jun 28 2009

  • Bing uses technology from Powerset to display “related searches” and groups search results into categories such as product reviews, movie listings, weather, travel, and stock prices, among other new features.
  • Until computers are more powerful than human brains, people will be able to sell their idle brains to the companies and people who need the special processing power that they alone possess through marketplaces like ChaCha, a service where you can ask a question and get it answered in 3 minutes for free.
  • Clusty searches the results of other search engines and indexes, applies AI to pick out the major themes found within the results for each search, and organizes them into folders.
  • Deepdyve is a search engine designed by Human Genome Project scientists that uses DNA matching algorithms on search terms to search 99 percent of the web, while most search engines only crawl 1 percent.
  • Instead of looking up basic encyclopedic information, you can just go to WolframAlpha instead, where you will get a direct answer to your question, as well as a nicely presented set of graphs and other info.
  • Other search engines are put there to look nice (or just look nice)

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