A week in the life of a …

Feb 27 2009

Today, I’m blogging using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. Like every other Windows Live product (although it’s totally free), it integrates with the web. Messenger, Mail, Outlook, IE Toolbar, just to name a few. Others, like Photo and Movie Maker obviously obviously can have a web component, I just haven’t tried them yet. In fact, I don’t plan on trying them. Trying out new software is one of the biggest time wasters for me (especially little things, like widgets and add-ons, and at times they seem to be big, like installing an OS, but it’s the little tweaks that waste time). Actually, software is also the biggest time saver in my life (software that’s tuned to my needs). Take for example this OS (perfect) and Writer that’s got everything I need.


Posting blogs and doing work is painless. It’s the only OS I have installed that hibernates without a glitch. By that I mean Linux doesn’t reload drivers properly after suspend. I wouldn’t even bother with hibernate. There’s a faulty Dell BIOS that doesn’t save the states of both cores of the CPU. But Vista gets around by saving it to a buffer and the frequency on both cores scale correctly when I resume.

Now onto the topic of this post. This week has been real busy. It seems as if this week has twice as many assignments due, due to the reading week the week before. Déjà Vu. I just repeated a few words. This must be a sign to get out of here and start working. Maybe all technology does is make people focus on the less important things of life. To end this blog: a picture of my desktop a few months ago:


That’s Déjà Vu for the fifth time if you’ve been keeping track.

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