Too Lazy to Click: A Decline in Traffic with a Tips Panel

Oct 17 2013

After launching the a new tips panel on Fiddle Salad that shows on top of other dialog windows whenever a fiddle is opened, I found a decline in traffic. Specifically, page views decreased. Does that mean the tips were poorly done? To investigate, I compared the views in the past 30 days to the previous period and looked at the traffic for different pages. The top pages ranked by page view saw an increase in ratio compared to the rest. My hypothesis is that when opening a saved fiddle, users were deterred by the tip panel that opened. I found the data to back up the hypothesis.
google analytics traffic
The analysis is that there were 0 visitors to the pages in the past 30 days because they just didn’t bother to check off “Show tips on startup”. This made sense, as the tips panel often blocked pieces of code. My plan is to just show the tips panel once a day so that opening saved fiddles wouldn’t show it.

I found out that the new tab page in Chrome stable was changed, removing the apps. This would explain the decline in traffic on the CoffeeScript IDE page. This change has been there for 4 months on the Chrome beta channel that I use on Windows.

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