Time for the Flood

Dec 19 2009

Just finished my last exam and now’s the time to update all my outdated software!

The plan is to leave my XP installation that came with the laptop and wipe out everything else. Does that mean Atlantis will be destroyed and civilization has to be rebuilt again? (Who just asked that!) Not that Windows 7 Release Candidate has gone stale, it expires sometime next year. In the past 3 life cycles, I have focused on heterogenous software configurations.

  1. XP should have Spore and custom theming
  2. Linux distributions should be either user-friendly or technology focused (Ubuntu and Sabayon)
  3. Vista with Google Chrome and Gadgets

The basic principle behind this new installation is to keep every system I use consistent. This implies keeping the user interface the same. Several things to achieve this effect:

  1. FEBE and CLEO Firefox extensions to mass install all extensions and profiles
  2. Firefox as the general purpose browser
  3. Font smoothing (yeah Linux and XP have them)
  4. KDE as Linux desktop (the destop effects in Vista can be duplicated, and it’s closer to Windows desktop than GNOME)
  5. Speed up the slowest part of my user experience (loading a web page in Ubuntu)
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