The CS 467 Experience at Waterloo

Apr 18 2013

At the exam today Professor Mosca wore a suite again. He does that too often teaching the class. Maybe he wants us to take graduate courses in the field. He talks about the classes every time a relevant lecture topic comes up.

Compared to other classes I took this term, I learned the most from this one. I read the first few chapters of the textbook before the class, but got bogged down by the notation. Taking the class and working on the assignments helped me to learn it. The slides had extra material to go along with the textbook.

Those walks in the QNC building were memorable. The wooden stairs hanging in the air with light filtering through glass walls and white boards beside sofas capture the spirit of the building.

The solutions to homework assignments were always simple, but they’re challenging when going through the material for the first time. I spent many days this term working on them, long enough that I would have read How to Solve It¬†at the start of the term. I plan to read that book as I start work next month, since the problems solving skills always help.

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