PythonFiddle introduces Python scripting for the web

Nov 18 2011

The initial release of PythonFiddle attracted a lot of attention due to an article on SlashDot, one of the best places to post general technology news. Although the first version featured cutting edge technology that would run a Python interpreter in the browser, the general consensus is that it’s good for sharing Python code on the web, but not much else. With some afterthought (or maybe forethought, because this was the original intention), I made a new version for web development.

The new PythonFiddle aims to solve problems with JavaScript by offering Python as a replacement. Developers ┬áprefer class based inheritance to JavaScript’s prototypal inheritance, mostly because it’s mainstream. Writing applications with classes built into the language is helpful in large projects, along with the removal of global scope. For small projects, Python’s pseudo-code like syntax is preferable to the ancient C syntax.

The large collection of third-party tools in JavaScript is not overlooked, as in the case of Google’s Dart programming language. JavaScript libraries such as jQuery can be used directly, others can be added as external resources. With PythonFiddle, web developers who use Python server-side are now able to use the same language client-side. Besides the Python to JavaScript compiler, other advantages PythonFiddle offer include live reloading of the page, Less, and Zen Coding.

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