Python Development

Aug 08 2009

Just a few things to note on Quirks:

  1. IBM’s Eclipse x86-64 for Windows is hidden. I can understand that the majority of Windows users don’t care about x86 or x86-64, but why keep the download hidden so that there’s no way to find it through links on the website? Now, the x86-64 version works fine and requires Java x86-64. You won’t have trouble finding Java x86-64 for Windows. It’s a drop-down menu under Operating System.(… I doubt the one for Linux works.) If you google search eclipse 3.5 64 bit, you get Eclipse Downloads and Eclipse IDE for 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Java « LingPipe Blog on Jul 21. I’d pick the second choice.
  2. eclipse Python 3: Python Development with PyDev and Eclipse – Tutorial or Python development with Eclipse and Ant. Again, IBM’s links are outdated.
  3. Becareful, Don’t Look BACK! If you want to write code that can be used on most installations, you’d better write it in Python 2 and use 2to3 whenever you want it to run on Python 3. Try searching for it. You get junk. And more hard to spell stuff.

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