e17 Menu Icons

Aug 27 2013

After installing e17 on Gentoo and a few applications, I noticed that some of the applications in the menu had icons while others did not. The same icons were missing in the IBar and other places. At first, I checked the wiki page on e17, it suggested to install evas_generic_loaders with SVG support. Contrary to what it suggests, evas_generic_loaders does not affect menu icon display it is used for tooltip previews in the file browser.
The way to set is to navigate to Settings -> All -> Look -> Application Theme and open the Icons tab. Once I selected Gnome, all the icons appeared. “Enable icon theme for applications” was already checked by default. If you do not see Gnome icons in the Icons tab, make sure you have installed x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme if you’re using Gentoo.

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