Do you remember grade 7?

May 27 2011

I still remember grade 7, better than grade 1 or grade 12. Grade 1 is somewhere out on the ocean, on a foggy island. Grade 12 seems to be covered by a layer of snow. All I see is white, among the trees and bushes. I can’t name ten significant events there, compared to fifty from grade 7. Let’s not forget, I loved school (in grade 7)! Now grade 12 is a different issue. After learning much math and a lot of science & societal issues, grade 12 just fit into the fabric of our modern society. It’s just one step in the production. But I still love the idea of grade 7, like a grassy knoll frozen in crystal clear ice. What is so memorable and what do I remember about it?

  1. Missing school for about a month in Canada. Cool!
  2. Getting brand new chairs during Christmas (school chairs were replaced)
  3. The math teacher taught the wrong lesson at the start of September which showed up as the last lesson
  4. Humans have evolved from monkeys (specifically referencing Geography teacher, who had more body hair)
  5. Geography teacher plays catch against the wall
  6. Someone wore a loose shirt while picking up a book
  7. Spelling Islam as “I slam” during spelling test
  8. Not to boast about knowledge that other people can’t understand after discussing biorythms in English class
  9. Math teacher mentions the Kenedies
  10. Math teacher talks about spanking in schools
  11. Kelley showed me a drawing which he thought was funny
  12. Having a starred conversation sitting in front of two people on the bus
  13. The road beside the bus station getting a ditch
  14. Walking home across town after missing the bus
  15. Getting whiplashed by long hair standing behind the lines of someone turning
  16. Oh yuck! Found a piece of black paper in the corn in the cafe
  17. Making an airplane that flew straight and never sank (paper airplane)
  18. Summer nights playing games on the grass
  19. The hat as it flew off while I was running
  20. Watching comedy with a man named Josh, who had the same name as my other friend Josh, who had the same name as my old best friend Josh
  21. Maybe Joshua means “one Jesus”, as I thought, reading the Bible
  22. Reading an encyclopedic book of short stories for children
  23. At the end of the year, various animals as a collection of books each day
  24. Exhaustion, after not sleeping well and taking a test during the summer
  25. Clarity, reading a poetry book of experiences on the sea
  26. Spending some days in spring break walking mazes in NeoPets
  27. Fall break, reading a book on vocabulary
  28. The worst flu of my life!
  29. A commercial tower appeared in SimCity in the first year
  30. Winning an Easter bunny machine from a community event
  31. Dissecting cow hearts with the surgeon of the class
  32. Don’t tell the truth, Ben will be disappointed by the literal translation of his name to Chinese
  33. Eating seaweed, the joke being other people mistaking it for grass
  34. Teacher says I should give animal crackers
  35. Three interpretations of “Favorite Bird” (Iraq): duck (bombardment), turkey (nearby country), chicken (playing chicken)
  36. Guy named Thomas dreams about harvesting resources on other planets
  37. Visiting the Secret Cove with Kelley
  38. Kelley’s fish tank
  39. Playing an alien shooter game on the cellphone on the way to Niagara Falls
  40. Stephen Hawking’s book on the tape on a cross continent journey
  41. Tree in front of the house being split by lightning
  42. Indian gives a penny for Halloween trick o’ treat
  43. The math teacher, who was also a coach, talks to Richie about his recent performance in class
  44. I still remembering trying to answer Frank’s question in English class
  45. The meetings with the advisor to decide whether or not, “to be, or not to be”, and I decided to switch
  46. Getting skin on my feet scratched off after walking a distance in the shoes
  47. Feeling despair and hopelessness one night, Fall
  48. The voice, a military commander through the morning routine
  49. Shower music, to avoid the monsters
  50. Drinking tea before the afternoon jog
  51. Playing the piano after dinner at Mrs. Ting’s house, the start of lessons
  52. Oversleeping by the breezy window, arrived at class late
  53. See You at the Pole (911 event), which I never understood

Maybe there is an infinite pool of memory in which I can remember every minute detail. Just how much digital memory is it? A dot, a speck, in the world of Mona Lisa Overdrive.

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