Designing Fiddle Code Storage

Feb 17 2012

I just had an aha! insight 5 minutes ago when working on the design to be implemented next month. The previous storage format used string splitting and joining. Everyone who’s worked with it recognizes the mistake immediately, though the solution didn’t come until I spent a bit of time designing the system.

Previously, get_code and set_code belonged to the abstract factory. Looking at the way things are used, it may better facilitate the implementation of the local history feature if a code storage class was used. I took a snapshot when I got the idea for the JSON format, so things are still a bit disorganized:

The realization is that this design doesn’t require the back-end to store all the different languages used in the fiddle. It allows both PythonFiddle, which stores only Python, and FiddleSalad, which mixes languages, to use the same storage backend. They already do, but I’m getting ready to go to the next stage. The /python/ and /coffeescript/ URL structure is still good for SEO and linking purposes.

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