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Sep 09 2012

After contacting the author of the NLP parsing site, I got the Wikipedia linking service back running again for course descriptions. These links were helpful at the start for getting ahead of the official course calendar in search rankings.

As usual, I received no notice about server migrations which caused the site to go down in a few intervals while I worked on and off last summer, connecting to the cloud infrastructure. Now these mined keywords have become a reliable starting point for YouTube video searches, which can be seen on many of the pages, CS 486, for example. At any rate, one word phrases are too short as they won’t return relevant videos and are ignored. However, in some instances, as in CS 486, “planning” and “uncertainty” are keywords in the domain. One solution for this problem from my artificial intelligence class is to use a Bayesian classifier to categorize the Wikipedia page. I have applied this technique to external course links, with mixed results. Perhaps the Bayesian classifier is not trained enough or the categories are not partitioned into specific subjects. On the other hand, it works well for categories it knows, showing an MIT course titled “Techniques in Artificial Intelligence” for CS 486.

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