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How Different Programs View Computers

Jan 24 2011 Published by under Courses,Life


Point of views:
Engineering – nothing special here. Engineers know enough of science and chemistry to build a computer if civilization was destroyed. A common pitfall is not being able to control their thoughts. They rely on drinking to get a good night’s sleep, maybe due to too much responsibility and stress. Many of them carry this behavior into work life. To illustrate, the Engineers at Google drink on the job.
Computer Science – these guys run into more trouble with their computers than anybody else. Hence, the hammer is well deserved. The cutting edge of technology is more often the bleeding edge. It hurts.
Scientific – acids are the way to recycle computers. The guy must be an evil genius to come up with this method.
Religious – Note: the screen is glowing red. Use some water to put out the fire?
Drama – watch some movies, eat, or sleep? Can’t decide which.
Philosophical – perhaps the most beautiful of all. Given a computer, philosopher might ask, what is real? Might I not be interacting with a computer program? Is my entire life a simulation? What parts of the mind is real? What am I? If the ego is all I am, is it not easily replicated?

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