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Ideal Food Combinations

Sep 05 2009 Published by under Life

I knew a while ago that fruits should be eaten before meals. Since I recently decided to try something other than milk and cereal in the morning, again due to research, I started eating fruits in the morning. However, following this plan is more complicated than it sounds. I still have to fit in the 7-8 servings of carbohydrates and an egg. So, after some more research on the medical rules for food combining and adding a note on some allergic foods, I have the following diet:
Apple or Orange

Banana or Juice

Vegetable salad
Grain product (Bread or Rice)

Vegetable salad
2 Cooked vegetables
Grain product (Bread or Rice)
Calcium supplement

There is a good reason for leaving milk out. According to the last article, milk should be taken alone. While it’s fine for most people to take milk before going to bed (make sure you brush), I found out I have an allergy that is triggered by milk. The calcium supplement works fine. It is taken at night so that the blood supply has a level amount of calcium while I’m asleep. This leaves a non-drowsy morning without milk and sufficient servings of each category of food from the food guide.

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Why Latex Doesn't Save Space

Sep 03 2009 Published by under Courses

When I try to include an image in my work report, I get the following latex error:

LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic (no BoundingBox)

Then the solution is to convert it to a PostScript file. I use ImageMagick to convert the image using the command

/> convert image.jpg image.eps

and it generates the image file for latex. The eps file is about 50x larger than the original. The question then is whether writing documents in latex actually saves space by reducing formatting.

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