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Firefox Cache

Jul 10 2009 Published by under Firefox

Because accessing any file in a directory containing 100+ files in a folder 8 levels deep C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default. \Cache\ is going to be slow, moving the cache folder to C:\Cache would make it a lot faster.

  1. navigate to about:cache to check out your current cache usage and directory
  2. navigate to about:config
  3. create a new string browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
  4. a value of C:\ (preferably a separate partition) would put the cache directory at closest to the root

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Discovering the Golden Ratio

Jul 09 2009 Published by under Firefox

Research says bing looks good, but why? It definitely has better results for a pair in the Fibonacci series.



Notice I did make my web page viewing area exactly 987×610 using the firesizer extension. The exact specs for having a big back button and the bookmark toolbar is 121+610=731. Not amazing, but that’s what painters like Davinci and Mondrian did.

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Notepad++ Autocompletion

Jul 03 2009 Published by under Programming

There’s a handy feature in Notepad++ that’s not enabled by default.
This works on Windows 7 or Vista, but the pop-up window blinks. Here’s the way to enable it:

  1. Settings -> Preferences -> Backup/Auto-competion
  2. check enable auto-completion
  3. right-click and edit properties for Notepad++

On another note, you can make it load faster by adding the -noPlugin flag to it:

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Minimal SearchJump

Jul 01 2009 Published by under Firefox,SearchJump

If you are a fan of Google Docks (available in Chinese among other languages) or Windows Hoax (has been available in Beta or RC), then you might want to might want to install the MinSJ script, meaning Minimal Script Junkie. I actually thought it stood for Minimu Jumps for Searching, whatever.


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