1985: Beginnings of the Digital Age

May 12 2012

According to a mathematical interpretation of the measurements of the Great Pyramid, late 1985 marks a significant time of influences for our current age. Taking a look at the publicly contributed list of events on Wikipedia for 1985,  a number of items form the fabric of our society:

  • First release of Windows
  • Free Software Foundation founded
  • Richard Stallman writes the GNU manifesto
  • NeXT, which much of Mac OS X is based on, is founded by Steve Jobs
  • Nintendo is released with Mario Brothers bundled
  • First Calvin and Hobes comic

Another source summarizes:

 As the spread of aids increases Governments round the world start screening Blood donations for AIDS. On the technology front the first .com is registered and the first version of Windows is released Ver 1.0 . Terrorists continue to perform acts of terrorism including the hijack of TWA Flight 847 and the Italian Cruise Liner “Achille Lauro “. Famine in Ethiopia is shown more on TV News in July and Live Aid concerts around the world raise many millions to help the starving in Africa and the pop industry in US joins together to sing “We Are The World”.

The major trends of a global awareness and people working together to solve problems are apparent.

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